Jewel Heist.jpg
Jewel Heist, an Artsy Chicks Mystery

Judith Lucci, WSJ and USA Bestselling Author 

Help! There’s a Dead body in the Back Yard of the Gallery!

And, to make matters worse, the corpse is the mortal enemy of Lily and LauraLea. The last people to see her alive, were of course, Lily and LauraLea.

Things aren’t looking good for the Artsy Chicks when Officer Screech of the Massanutten police begins to ask questions. Then Lily and LauraLea learn the murder weapon was something the lady purchased the night before at the Gallery. Gheeze!

Can their good friend and local medical examiner, Dr. Kenzie Zee and her handsome investigator Benson, keep the Chicks out of jail?

Radical Regatta, Corsario Cove Cozy Mystery #4

Anna Celeste Burke. WSJ and USA Bestselling Author  

Rescuing a dog that’s swimming for its life in Corsario Cove, draws Kim and Brien into troubled waters as a Fourth of July Regatta turns deadly. It won’t be smooth sailing for anyone until these twenty-something sleuths solve the mystery behind the murder and mayhem.


Fireworks. Forensics and Felonies

Colleen Mooney, WSJ and USA Bestselling Author

When Brandy and Jiff get invited to a Fourth of July barbecue they don’t bargain for the host and hostess to get blown up seconds apart but miles away from each other.  What does a Schnauzer, a baby squirrel, a motorcycle gang member, a homeless man and a million-dollar life insurance policy have in common?  Add in EPA labs, fraud and strange relatives and it is Brandy’s job to see the connection before one of Jiff’s friends is wrongly accused of murder.  Fireworks on the Fourth of July are not the only sparks flying between Brandy and Jiff.             


YOURS - a Kate Hamilton Mysteries Novella

Fiona Quinn, USA Bestselling Author

Science teacher Kate Hamilton is hiding out in the small Virginia town where she was born and raised. Her marriage is in tatters. Her future uncertain. Kate begins the new semester at Boonestown High teaching their new STEM CSI classes. An object collected as “evidence” during a class project serves as a distraction for Kate. It's an expensive accessory for a town where their only manufacturing plant has been shuttered. Good deeds can be deadly. Join Kate as she tries to stay one step ahead of the killer.

Pies, Lies and a Last Goodbye, Baker Girls Cozy Mystery Series #4

Maria Grazia Swan, Amazon Best Selling Author  

The only obstacle between Monica Baker and handsome millionaire Tristan Dumont is—his wife. When both his wife and his beloved horse vanish, chaos follows. Blame and suspicion reach into the lives of everyone involved with Monica and Tristan, all the way to the retired seniors running the Dumont Ranch.


You Cant Judge a Crime by Its Aura, Piper Ashwell Psychic PI Novella

Kelly Hashway, USA Bestselling Author 

Psychic P.I. Piper Ashwell has never met a crime scene she couldn’t read, but when a murder takes place in the bookstore next to her office, she can’t get a good sense of the killer or motivation for the crime.

With the help of well-known thriller author Madison Kramer, who looks so much like the victim it’s unnerving, Piper will have to assess the few clues there actually are to track down the killer and save the life of an innocent soul that walks on four legs.


Yankee Doodle Deadly, A Trailer Park Princess Novella

Kim Hunt Harris, WSJ and USA Bestselling Author  

Salem Grimes and her octogenarian sidekick Viv are celebrating Independence Day in true American style—with a golf cart parade, ice cream social, pet dress-up contest, and a to-the-mat round of Name That Tune at Viv’s swanky retirement home, Belle Court. But the fireworks get an early start when the nephew of one of Belle Court’s wealthiest residents is found murdered out behind the brisket and potato salad table, and Viv’s favorite physical therapist, Hot Ronaldo, is the main suspect. Salem and Viv put their own festivities on hold to once again track down a killer and declare Hot Ronaldo's independence from a prison sentence.


Death in Mercy

Susan Boles, WSJ and USA Bestselling Author  

Ever wonder how Lily Gayle got started in the sleuthing business? Check out this prequel to the Lily Gayle Lambert series to find out!

Sharpe Pain: A Corpse in the Cabin, Maycroft Mysteries Novella

Lisa B. Thomas, Amazon Bestselling Author  

Retired teacher Deena Sharpe and her husband plan the perfect getaway to a Lake Tahoe resort which includes a sunset dinner cruise on a restored yacht.

But when they find a dead passenger in the captain’s cabin, the finger pointing between the on-board wedding party, a few quirky couples, and a Gilligan’s Island trio has everyone ready to jump ship!

Death and Taxes on a Cloud, Career Crisis Cafe Mystery #6

Emily Selby, Amazon Bestselling Author  

When Heather Hampton, a budding mixologist, goes away for the weekend, she doesn’t expect to be involved in another murder mystery. But since the victim is her new accountant, and the poison is delivered in a dessert from her own café, she has no choice. She rolls up her sleeves, calls on some old friends and gets down to sleuthing. Will Heather and her friends find the murderer before it’s too late?

Ruff Justice, A Second Chance Adventure #5

Joanna Campbell Slan, National Bestselling and Award Winning Author  

Amateur sleuth Cara Mia Delgatto has a "ruff" case on her hands. A wealthy matron has told everyone who will listen that upon her death she’s leaving Ginger, her beloved Golden Retriever, to her young caregiver, Parker. When the woman dies under suspicious circumstances, Parker is the number one suspect. But Parker swears she is innocent, and it is up to Cara to clear the girl's name and give Ginger a second chance at a Forever Home.

High Heel Homicide, A Holly Woods Mystery Novella

Ava Maloory, WSJ and USA Best Selling Author 

Budding Screenwriter Holly Woods is too nice for her own good. If she’s not raising funds for her favorite charities, she’s rescuing stray puppies, or helping to feed the needy. But after years working three jobs and volunteering for local charities, an anonymous philanthropist wants to do something for her… but there’s a catch.
She must help clear the donor’s name in a murder-for-hire scheme or suffer unknown consequences. Is an all-expense paid trip to the land where stars are made worth the risk or has the farmer’s daughter finally found the one person she can’t help?


A Knead to Kill, Apple Orchards Cozy Mystery Book 1.5
Chelsea Thomas, Amazon Bestselling Author 

When a local thespian dies on stage during a performance, Chelsea and Miss May leap into action. But they soon learn the mystery goes all the way back to Pine Grove's bootlegging days and uncover a scandal that could unearth a dormant danger that threatens the whole town. Will the girls solve the mystery or will life in Pine Grove change forever?


Spunky Bumpkin 
Sam Cheever, USAT Bestselling Author 


In a small country town, justice might be swift, but rumor is swifter!

An elderly woman with a bloody knife in her hand and no recollection of how it got there. A dead troublemaker. A distraught Deputy. And a new secret for Joey to unravel. Deer Hollow might be quaint…its people quirky…but murder has a way of turning even the most bucolic spot on its head. This murder, in particular, is hitting a little too close to home, stirring everybody up with its ugly fallout. It will be up to Joey, Hal, and the fur babies to find a killer and mend the hearts and minds of an entire country town.